Daniel Møgelgaard Pedersen

Over the past couple of years I have worked with a broad range of different media-platforms, design methods and programming languages. I have am motivated, by working with the newest technologies within my field, and don't back down from a challenge. I pride myself on my problem solving skills, and consider myself an experienced coder.


I have been a developer on a hobby scale since 2006, educationally since 2009 and professionally since 2015. Currently i work professionally with Web, Hybrid App and Windows development. My web skills include but are not limited to TypeScript/JavaScript, HTML5, CSS/SCSS with Angular mostly and some Angular2 experience. I also do web backend in C# .Net. I have experience with developing hybrid apps using Cordova Apache and Ionic, but in more recent times I have worked more with Xamarin using C# and a subset of .Net. Furthermore i have experience with C# .Net development using WPF, and some experience with WinForms legacy code.


I'm a pretty down to earth kind of guy. I like to go out at events and with friends, but on a weekday you'd probably find me buried in some code or engaged in a game. I take pride in my work, and probably mostly because i really like coding, but also because I work with awesome people, and I wouldn't have it any other way. Theres much more to learn about me, but you'll just have to find out the old fashioned way.


'The Watchtower Initiative' is the product of the thesis I did to complete my Candidate of Science in Medialogy, with a specialization in Games. The purpose of the project was to investigate, document and research gamers reactions from disadvantageous outcomes, in connection with game actions that relied on probability. The work involved creating a game from scratch that would enable me to test peoples reactions on different scenarios of probability. The thesis produced a set of broad guidelines as to how players are affected by probability outcomes in games, and how to capitalize on the emotions and responses of the outcomes, while avoiding negative impact on the game experience. (DK) ’The Watchtower Initiative’ er produktet af mit speciale projekt ved Medialogi studiet på Aalborg Universitet. Projektet havde til formål at undersøge spilleres reaktioner på ufordelagtige udfald i forbindelse med spil handlinger der har en sandsynliged for at fejle. Der blev arbejdet med forskellige representationer af sandsynlighed for brugeren, samt forskellige formidlinger af selve udfaldet af handlingen. Projektet udmyndede i nogle guidelines til hvordan man kan mindske den skuffelse spilleren har når han får de mindre uheldige udfald.

Savior of Asgard (2013)

'Savior of Asgard' were the product of a semester at the 'Danish Academy for Digital Interactive Entertainment' also known as DADIU. The game was the product of a team, involving developers, game designers, 3D artists and more. 'Savior of Asgard' sets its theme in the nordic mythology, where evil monsters invade midgaard. It is the players task to stop the invasion, by smashing through evil vikings, giants and the likes. You play as Thor's chosen, vielding the power of the gods. The game was made for Android, and can be found on Play Store. Read more at the official page here. (DK) 'Savior of Asgard' er et android spil lavet ved det Danske Akademi for Digital Interaktiv Underholdning (DADIU) i slutningen af 2013. Selve spillet er sat i nordisk mytologi, hvor vætter har invaderet midgaard. Det er så din opgave som en god dansk viking at smadre dig vej igennem onde vikinge, giganter med mere for at redde verden. Heldigvis har guderne givet dig lov til a bruge Mjölnir, Tor's hammer. Spillet kan findes på Play Store, og i kan finde den officielle side her.

Vortex (2012)

Vortex was made during a Game Jam, called Indie9000, where it won the award for best game. The game was based on co-op between two players, using a kinect. Each player has a specific role of either jumping through obstacles, or helping the other jump through obstacles by controlling the rotation of said obstacle. It's a bit hard to explain, but you can see a short promo video here. (DK) 'Vortex' er lavet ved et 36 timers Game Jam, Indie9000, hvor det vandt prisen for bedste spil. Spillet har en co-op feature hvor hver spiller skiftes mellem at styre en forhindrings rotation, mens ens medspiller skal hoppe, dukke sig eller lignende for at undgå at blive ramt af forhindringen. Spillet får input fra en Kinect, som er en del af et spil-system lavet i Unity 3D. Se en kort video her.

The Edge of the Universe (2011)

’The Edge of the Universe’ is based a fith semester theme, at the education Medialogy; ’Audiovisual Experiments – Computer Graphics and Animation’, and were used to investigate the oppertunities of implementing interactivity in a 3D animated short movie. See the video here. (DK) ’The Edge of the Universe’ er baseret på et femte semesters tema, ved Medialogi; ’Audiovisual Experiments – Computer Graphics and Animation’, og blev brugt til at undersøge mulighederne ved at implementere interaktivitet I en 3D animeret kortfilm. Se videoen her.


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